ERYD 32 / 32XSM

Eryd32 / 32XSM

The state of the art of ERYD ‘s daysailers.

Since 2006, ERYD daysailers have been synonymous with elegance, performance and innovation. They are instantly recognisable sailing in the Mediterranean, the Atlantic coast, and on lakes across the European continent.

In 2015 the ERYD 30 was included in the YTEM catalog (Yacht’n Italy Export Museum) and was cited as one of the ten masterpieces of the Italian Design in Naval Industry from the years 2000 to 2015.

The ERYD OPEN was the most innovative daysailer in terms of cockpit’s design and ergonomics.

Today the experience gained in all these years and the main qualities of these two models are summarized and take on new form in the ERYD 32.

The ERYD 32 ,all “made in Italy” is characterized by an extremely sporty and elegant design. The performances are higher and optimized compared to previous models, it certainly among the finest in its class.

The ERYD 32 XSM is a special version of the ERYD 32 totally devoted to innovation and performances.

The hull is equipped with a pair of foils of our conception and design.

After a research that has tested multiple solutions we have arrived at the result of increasing the performances in terms of righting moment, side force and lift which translate into greater power, lower angle of drift and decrease of displacement due to the contribution of these two liftingappendices .

Our goal was not to generate a lift able to lift the hull completely out of the water but to increase performance in all wind conditions compared to the standard configuration.

Another advantage of the ERYD 32 XSM Foil System is that when the foils are up the maximum beam is equivalent to that of the standard version and inside the cabin it does not reduce the internal volume.

ERYD 32 Presentation
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Technical Specifications

The construction is devoted to lightness while ensuring high standards of rigidity and robustness.
The standard version of the ERYD 32 is built in an infusion of unidirectional and bidirectional glass fibers,Vinylester resin and corecell .
A version entirely built in carbon is available on request.
The fin keel is built in composite / steel with lead-antimony bulb.
Two angled rudders at 18 ° for maximum efficiency under heel.
The double wheel steering system is also available as an option.
Mast, boom and bowsprit are built in carbon.
The spreaders have an angle of 30 ° and the mast does not need the use of back-stay

The sail settings,in the standard version, are dsigned for maximum simplicity with a fixed point for themainsail tackle and self-tacking jib, in any case it is possible to have a fine tuning system for the mainsail and a 110% jib.

Lombardini LDW 502

longueur : 9.5 m
largeur : 2,8 m
tirant d’eau quille performances : 2,1 m
poids : 2000 kg environ. (en fonction de la version)
surface de voilures : 53 m2
gennaker: 90 m2
projet : Emanuele Rossi Yacht Design
catégorie CE : C